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PostSubject: KGB Basic Info and F.A.Q. NEW MEMBERS MUST READ   Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:34 pm

Q: Who founded the KGB?
A: Monarch is the founder and current leader of the KGB.

Q: What is the KGB website?
A: The forums you are currently using are to be used as the KGB website, this may be subject to change in the future. Originally, there was a parent website made, but due to technical difficulties the website could not be uploaded to for usage. If this changes in the future, you will see the parent website launched.

Q: What does KGB stand for?
A: Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti, which translates to Committee for State Security. This is a former Russian organizaton, similar to the CIA.

Q: What are the KGB's tags?
A: [KGB] in the front of the name, with a special rank at the end, if you have one. For example, my name is [KGB]Monarch|L, [KGB] to show im a clan member, Monarch because thats my username, and |L to show my rank as leader. Regular members possess no special rank tag.

Q: Does KGB have a Vent or TeamSpeak server?
A: No, KGB instead uses an Xfire chatroom, which is invite only. Any members of KGB who want to get in the chatroom need to first add me on xfire then ask me to invite them. The chatroom allows voice and text chat, and, obviously, can be used in-game.

Q: Does KGB have a COD4 server?
A: Yes, [KGB]HardCore S&D is our U.S. server, more servers may come later.

Q: What is the age limit to KGB?
A: Z0MG NONE!!1!1!!

Q: Are there any general rules of KGB?
A: Pretty much the same rules you'd find on any given COD4 server. Just dont be a dick to other members, use gay perks like martyrdom or last stand, camp a lot, or noobtube/RPG and you'll be fine. I also dont give a flying fuck if you swear or not, and usually I won't give a damn how you treat other clans and/or players. Other rules include active xfire usage, adding me on xfire, a forum membership, and of course no hacks.

Q: How can I or a friend join KGB?
A: There are several ways to join KGB. The easiest way is to apply here. Another way would be to add me on xfire, steam, or drop me an e-mail. My xfire, steam, and email are all listed in here. Once you contact me or another high ranked KGB, I will set up a meeting with you to see how good you are, unless I already know of course. If you're good enough to join, I or another member will get you started with the forums, the chatroom, the ranks, etc.
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